Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take my insurance?

Most of our therapists are providers for the major health insurance companies. You can call the number on the back of your benefits card to see if a specific therapist is a provider for your insurance.

If you don’t accept my insurance, is there a sliding scale for payment?

Some of our therapists do offer sliding scale fees. You must speak with the individual therapist.

What does it mean if I have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

Each therapist makes their own decision about whether to participate in EAP plans. You will have to check with the individual provider when making your appointment to find out if they will accept your EAP plan, or note that you want to use your EAP benefits on the Request an Appointment Form

After the initial session, what if I feel that the therapist is not a good fit for me?Can I change?

All of our therapists believe that the therapeutic relationship is crucial to a positive outcome in therapy. The client is always encouraged to ask for a referral if they feel unable, for any reason, to work with a particular therapist.

What is the length of a session?

All therapy sessions are 45-50 minutes unless explicitly changed by the therapist and/or needs of the client.

What types of problems do you treat?

The therapists at The Westwood Group treat families and individuals for a variety of problems including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, stress management, ADHD, trauma, sexual addictions, divorce, marital problems, phobias and much more (read more about our services). Because we are a large practice, with diverse approaches, we have the experience to address most issues.

Do you have group therapy sessions? 

We offer group sessions from time to time on a variety of topics. Our Referral Coordinator will best be able to answer this question. 

Does The Westwood Group provide medication?

We do not provide medication evaluations or management. We will refer you to someone if there is a need.

Where are you located?

5821 Staples Mill Road, one mile from its intersection with I-64.

Do you have evening/weekend hours?

Yes. Some of the therapists have evening/weekend hours.

Is your building handicap accessible?