Before requesting an appointment:

You may request an appointment by phone or by filling out an online form here on the website. Please read these instructions first so you have your information ready beforehand.

By phone:

Please call 804-264-0966. You will immediately be prompted to press 43 for new appointments and asked to leave a message with the following information:

  • Your name and/or the name of the person you are requesting services for.
  • Contact information where you can be reached – telephone and/or email. Please specify your preference. If by telephone, indicate if it is acceptable to leave a message.
  • Whether you will be using health insurance (specify which) or self-pay.
  • A brief description of the reason you are seeking services, for example, couple counseling or relationship issues; services for a child and age of child; depression; anxiety; stress, etc.
  • If possible, indicate your preference for appointments, e.g., morning, afternoon or evening. However, please note that those times may not always be available.
  • For referring professionals, please provide your name and/or organization and if you would like a follow-up call.

On the website:

If you would like to request an appointment through our website, please choose the appropriate form:

Please provide the information requested and submit the form.

After you submit your request:

The information you provide will help us to find the best fit for your needs, as our therapists have different specialties, working hours and insurance networks.

If you have a preference for a specific therapist, you may indicate this but there is no guarantee of their availability.

Once we receive your information, it will be forwarded to our therapists and someone will contact you as soon as possible. If we cannot schedule an appointment with you, our Intake Coordinator will contact you and provide you with the names of other therapy practices in the community.

Thank you for contacting The Westwood Group.