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Many of our clients come to us through referring professionals. We cannot overstate the importance of these partnerships in supporting our clients, and we value these connections within our community.

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Caroline Augustin

Works with children,

adolescents and families in a variety of settings, focusing on stress and anxiety, school troubles and adjustment issues; enjoys seeing clients achieve growth and progress.
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Douglass R. Bloomfield

Experienced over many

years in developing solutions to a variety of personal problems.
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Teresa A. Buczek

Specializes in working with

individuals and couples going through difficult times, from communication issues to affair recovery. Extensive training and experience in women's issues, especially in helping women deal with the overwhelming demands placed on them by this culture.
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Cara Campanella

Utilizes a mindfulness approach

and a variety of experiential practices to encourage individuals to discover, appreciate and connect with their personal strength, wisdom and creativity. Guides them to develop the skill and direction needed to accomplish healing and change within themselves and their lives.
More about Ms. Campanella

Dennis R. Carpenter

Extensive experience

in providing treatment for sexual addition, aberrant sexual behaviors, substance abuse, and marital problems, and in performing court (forensic) evaluations.
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Andy Cox

Approaches treatment collaboratively,

seeking to foster a warm, supportive environment in which patients feel understood and respected while he helps them meet their personal goals.
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Amie Donah

Deeply values helping individuals

improve their quality of life by understanding past and present dynamics. Enjoys working with children, adolescents, adults and families.
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John Ehrmantraut

Specializes in working with

children, adolescents, and adults going through difficult times. Whether the problems are in the "here and now" or rooted in the past, works together to explore the issues and develop the understanding and skills to make changes.
More about Dr. Ehrmantraut

Katharine B. Fitzhugh

With over 30 years' experience

as a psychotherapist, enjoys helping adults, couples, and families with adolescent or grown children reach their goals.
More about Dr. Fitzhugh

Nancy MacConnachie

Focuses on helping

children, adolescents and adults develop strong tools for handling intense emotions, especially those of anxiety, anger and shame.
More about Dr. MacConnachie

Vanessa McLean

Specializing in the treatment

of mood and anxiety disorders, grief and trauma, stress, and general life issues in adults. Combines cognitive behavioral therapy with mindfulness and brain-based therapy.
More about Ms. McLean

Eric Oritt

Specializes in adult

psychotherapy, couples work, and men's issues.
More about Dr. Oritt

Dorothy S. Price

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker

who works with school-age through adult clients in areas of depression, anxiety and stress, seeing as individuals, couples or families.
More about Ms. Price

Anne M. Sitarz

Recognizes that a client's

early experiences related to trust and self-esteem affect whatever issues they are dealing with in the present.
More about Dr. Sitarz

A. Leigh Thornton, Jr.

Helping adults of all ages

manage emotional problems and enjoy more fulfilling lives has been the focus of 25 years in practice in Richmond. Trained to work with couples as well as individuals.
More about Dr. Thornton

Laura E. Wert

Works with children,

adolescents, adults and families going through transitions in their life, especially those related to divorce.
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Suzanne C. Throckmorton, LPC

Practices a person-

centered approach to treat adults of all ages with a variety of concerns.
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